PD Session February 22, 2023


“Collaboration for Career & Technical Education” February 22, 2023

Professional Development


Dr. Chris Merrill


Rod McQuality


“Collaboration for Career & Technical Education”

75-minute Session Participant Edition

Book study: Collaboration for Career & Technical Education

Chapter 4 – Identifying Essential Learnings and Developing CTE Curricula Chapter 5 – Designing Instruction and Assessments

Objective: Through a guided lesson, TF CTE teachers will learn that developing and refining a curriculum that meets the needs of all learners is based on (a) identifying essential learnings and (b) effective means of assessing student learning.

Materials you will need: •

Access to: Jamboard.google.com https://jamboard.google.com/d/1QJOdWF34pljuwAvX5oU8RVKTSkd3AKVebyE9_ OxebVE/edit?usp=sharing • Zoom Link for session: https://illinoisstate.zoom.us/j/95034374417





5 minutes

Welcome: Intro and review from Nov. 9 and Dec. 14

Rod & Chris

Participants enter name and discipline in chat box. Review Jamboard from previous session. (Pages 1-3)

20 minutes


Introduction of guided lesson plan: essential learnings identified; appropriate instructional strategies; formative assessment; summative assessment. In your breakout rooms by teams: identify one essential learning along with the formative and summative assessments. Please have a reporter in each group that will report out to the entire group. Reporting out from each group on one essential learning with formative and summative assessment.

20 minutes

Rod & Chris

20 minutes 5 minutes

Rod & Chris

Rod & Chris

Next session will focus on chapters 6 & 7

Meet Your Facilitators Chris Merrill is a Professor of Technology and Engineering Education, as well as STEM Education and Leadership in the Department of Technology at Illinois State University. Merrill has 26.5 years of experience at the high school and university levels. In 2020, Chris was named the Association for Career and Technical Education National Teacher Educator of the Year. Before becoming a high school teacher, Merrill was a cabinetmaker.

Rod McQuality is a retired Illinois School Administrator. Since retirement, Rod has taught undergraduate and graduate students in the education department at Concordia University Chicago and the University of Illinois Springfield. In addition, Rod has served as Project Director for two different CTE grant projects for the Illinois State Board of Education. Rod has over 40 years of education experience in the public-school classroom, serving as a school administrator and teaching at the college level.

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