Illinois Career and Technical Education Innovative Curriculum Resources Project (ILCTE) Illinois State University Department of Technology 215 Turner Hall Normal, IL 61790-5100 309-438-7862

CTE Student Safety During Remote/Online Learning As part of the objectives during the 2020-2021 school year (Fiscal Year 2021), the ILCTE Innovative Curriculum Resources Project developed the following objective: “Develop resources and approaches for teachers (to use with students) to safely and effectively do hands-on projects remotely.” Further, ILCTE would develop resources and examples that teachers could use to have their students safely conduct hands-on activities in a remote/online setting. To accomplish this objective, the ILCTE team developed a survey to gain input from Illinois CTE teachers in regard to safety in the classroom, specifically looking at safety with hands-on projects completed remotely. The survey began with the following statement: e Illinois Career and Technical Education In ovative Curriculum Resources Project (ILCTE) would like to gather data on how you accomplish safety in your CTE program, so best practices can be shared state-wide with other CTE teachers. We would like to ask you to please spend some time reflecting on classroom safety by answering the questions in this survey. The findings will be beneficial for all CTE teachers. As you review the following items, please think about your methods and share some of your techniques for safety. The survey was distributed to the ILCTE listserv, assistance from the Illinois CTE Education for Employment Directors that were asked to disseminate the survey link to their CTE teachers, and through social media outlets. The survey period was October 6, 2020-November 13, 2020. Below are the survey findings: Teachers completing this survey instrument were asked to indicate their primary CTE Content Area (N=110). • Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources 5/110 (4%) • Arts and Communications 7/110 (6%) • Finance and Business Services 23/110 (20%) • Health Sciences Technology 5/110 (4%) • Human and Public Services 30/110 (27%) • Information Technology 12/110 (10%) • Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology, and Trades 28/110 (25%) • Other CTE Area 5/110 (4%)

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