ILCTE Best Practice for Successfully Recruiting and Growing CTE Enrollment Survey

▪ Departmental events and promo videos ▪ Officers from my CTSO ▪ Working directly with guidance counselors. ▪ email to feeder schools, talking to counselors, going into the lunchrooms and talking to all kids ▪ Handing out fudge made by my culinary class for a social media follow ▪ Flyers which they can take home and show/ talk to their parents about our class offerings. ▪ Going around to homerooms and talking about the classes we offer. Also doing a career fair and 8th grade expo. ▪ Student organization and in class activities. (Foods labs, Real Care Baby, etc) ▪ I tell the underclassmen about the high-profile projects that my Building Trades class gets to work on. Dual Credit classes, company and parent support ▪ Going into the 8th grade classroom to do a couple of hands-on activities with the students. ▪ Switching classes with colleagues to talk about our specific classes. ▪ I started a Culinary club after school, also the first Saturday of every month I take a team of students to prepare a youth mentoring breakfast at the neighborhood community center. Teachers completing this survey instrument were asked to indicate if their local community college offers dual credit. • Yes 114/141 (81%) • No 16/141 (11%) • Not in the classes in my curriculum 7/141 (5%) • Working on it 2/141 (1%) • Not sure 2/141 (1%) • No response 3/144 (2%) Teachers completing this survey instrument were asked to indicate if dual credit exists, does this help with recruiting? • No 54/136 (40%) • Yes 67/136 (49%) • Don’t Know 8/136 (6%) • Dual credit is a bonus 2/136 (1%) • Students need more information on how dual credit works 1/136 (less than 1%)

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