ILCTE Best Practice for Successfully Recruiting and Growing CTE Enrollment Survey

• Current/Former Students 14/131 (11%) • Career/Activities Fair 4/131 (3%) • School Tours 4/131 (3%) • Working with Counselors 4/131 (3%) • Study Halls/Detentions 2/131 (2%) • Reputaton 2/131 (2%) • No response 13/144 (9%) ▪

We have an “Exchange Day” where we get all math students or all PE students that visit our CTE courses for the day. Teachers do not teach on this day, rather, we present our course to students who are interested in learning more about our course, we have about a 20-minute window to present our course to prospective students. ▪ Each CTE area asks active students to plan and present course pathways to our 8 th graders. These high school student leaders also answer questions about other high school life that 8 th gr aders otherwise don’t have access to. ▪ Flyers given to students in registration packets, talking about it with students. ▪ Apparel- We have a logo and we put it on shirts and hats. The kids love them and wear them all the time. I pass them out for asking questions at our 8th grade informational day and they are a big hit. ▪ Meeting with each class (9, 10, and 11 grades) and having a PPT prepared for them. ▪ Annual Explore Day (Field trips to our building) ▪ We used to be able to set up a table outside the lunchroom with current students talking about the program but after two years the administration nixed because we were drawing too many students away from other course. ▪ Women who come back and talk about how PLTW classes helped them be ready for a make dominated field. They speak to groups or in science classes. ▪ We go to our 3 high schools and do presentations to explain our programs. Student referrals are a huge part of our success. ▪ Open house and a FFA Kick of Party (8th grade classes help with high school class enrollment) ▪ Class meetings ▪ Creating relationships and establishing a good rapport ▪ Course selection nights for specific grade levels ▪ In class - school curriculum required for 7/8/9th

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