Collaboration for Career & Technical Education, PD, December 14, 2022


“Collaboration for Career & Technical Education”

75-minute Session Participant Edition

Book study: Collaboration for Career & Technical Education

Chapter 2 – Forming Collaborative Teams Chapter 3 – Setting Up the Logistics of Teamwork

Objectives: Through planned activities and teacher pre-work for this professional development session, • CTE teachers in the TF School District will determine the purpose of the PLC team for professional learning; and • TF School District CTE teachers will determine the essential skills that will drive the PLC team’s purpose.

Materials you will need: •

Access to: OxebVE/edit?usp=sharing • Zoom Link for session:





5 minutes

Welcome: Intro and review from Nov. 9

Rod & Chris

Participants enter name and discipline in chat box. Review Jamboard from previous session. (Pages 1-3)

5 minutes

Rod & Chris

In your breakout rooms: Based upon on your pre-work, (defining the primary purpose of the PLC team’s existence), discuss and synthesize one central purpose. Post on Jamboard. (Page 4)

3 minutes 7-8 minutes

Rod & Chris

Discuss postings on Jamboard.

Rod & Chris

In your breakout rooms: Based upon on your pre-work, (create a list of common skills that cut all CTE coursework), discuss these skills to determine if consensus can be determined and/or the identification of other skills that should be included Discuss, as a group, the common skills for all CTE coursework. In Breakout Rooms: What is one skill that the PLC team could agree upon to focus on for up to four weeks? Post skill on Jamboard. (Page 5)

5 minutes 5 minutes

Rod & Chris

Rod & Chris

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